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Internship Program (CJ 4800 & CJ 4801)

Yvonne Smith Segars, Esq.
Faculty Advisor

Office: Willis Hall 305-G
Telephone: (908)737-4161

Internship/Job Opportunities

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Internship is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience and to network in the field. Once the student secures an internship site, he or she must speak to the faculty advisor for approval of the site.

Students are advised that there are several requirements for successful completion of the internship in addition to the mandatory 120 hours of work. Below is a partial list of requirements. Students should direct any further inquires to Professor Lateano.

  1. Secure your internship site which directly relates to criminal justice.
  2. Provide the internship faculty advisor with a letter (on company/organization letterhead only) from your internship site indicating that you have been granted an internship.
  3. Prepare a resume and submit to internship faculty advisor.
  4. Each student will maintain and submit a written reflective journal of his or her daily duties, progress, challenges, and accomplishments during the internship.
  5. Documentation of successful completion of the 120 hours of work at the internship site. The documentation must be on organization letterhead and signed by the student's supervisor.
  6. Students are required to meet with their internship faculty advisor at least twice throughout the semester.
  7. A final 4-5 page well-written reflective paper.